About mambo baskets

Mambo baskets - products with a story straight from Africa.

Our mission is to stimulate fair trade. We want to be close to both the producer and the consumer and to bring the consumer closer to the basket weavers.

About us
With Mambo baskets we want to offer beautiful handmade baskets from Kenya on the European market.
We have carefully selected our producers and are in direct contact with the weavers in Africa.

This way we know the baskets are made with heart and soul and that the makers get an honest reward.

We would like to share with you the story of each basket, so that you know which route the basket has taken. As of then on it is up to you to further develop the story of the basket.

Do you want to design your own unique basket? That is definitely possible. Send us an email at info@mambobaskets.be, let us know what colors and dimensions you want and we will create your unique basket. Please note that the delivery period of our website can, of course, not be retained.

Keniaanse manden (tenzij anders vermeld op de productpagina)

Maat     Hoogte     Diameter     Prijs
XS 10 cm 15 cm €29
S 15 cm 20 cm €39
M 20 cm  25 cm €49
L 35 cm 35 cm €79
XL 30 cm 40 cm €89
XXL 40 cm 40 cm €109


Traditional fine weave Taita baskets

 Maat Diameter Prijs
XS 11-15 cm €21
S 16-20 cm €35
M 21-25 cm €55
L 26-30 cm  €69