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  • Exclusieve manden met een hart
  • Elke mand is handgemaakt, 100% natuurlijk en heeft een eigen verhaal
  • Elke mand zorgt voor een betere toekomst voor de makers.


✓ Handmade baskets
✓ Authentic craftsmanship 
✓ Fair wages

With Mambo Baskets we want to give you an alternative for mass production. Unlike deco chains, our baskets are unique, handmade and each has its own history.  

All our baskets tell the story of strong people who are independant thanks to their craftsmanship. All our baskets are 100% fair trade and handmade from natural materials. Each purchase will provide a better future for the makers and their families. 

Discover the story about our baskets
Handmade in Africa
All our baskets are handmade by our talented and inspiring weavers in Africa. 
100% natrual materials 
All materials used for our baskets are 100% natural and locally produced. 
cultural preservation 

Basket weaving is an ancient tradition in Africa. Today, baskets are increasingly being replaced by plastic containers. By expanding the market, we ensure that this wonderful tradition continues to exist.

Social production

We work with weaving cooperatives in Africa who weave baskets in response to the drought. This allows them to support their families again.


Size chart

Kenian baskets (unless otherwise stated on the product page)

Size Height Diameter Price
XS 10 cm 15 cm €29
S 15 cm 20 cm €39
M 20 cm  25 cm €49
L 35 cm 35 cm €79
XL 30 cm 40 cm €89
XXL 40 cm 40 cm €109

Jemima baskets (unless otherwise stated on the product page)

Size    Height     Width     Price
M 30 cm 30 cm €89
L 45 cm 55 cm €129
XL 50 cm  60 cm €139

Traditional fine weave Taita baskets

 Size Diameter Price
XS 11-15 cm €25
S 16-20 cm €35
M 21-25 cm €45
L 26-30 cm  €59
XL 31-35 cm €69