The weavers behind our beautiful sisal baskets | Kenya – Mambo baskets

Kamba tribe - Kenya

Vrouwen van de Kamba tribe in Kenia tijdens het maken van Mambo manden

These baskets are made by women from the Kamba tribe. Traditionally women work the land they are given when they marry, and are responsible for supplying the food to sustain the family. The harvests are transported with handmade sisal baskets. As droughts make the lives of these women very challenging, they rely increasingly on government initiatives to support their families. This is why they started investing more time in making baskets, in order to support their families.

More than 500 weavers of the Kamba tribe make baskets for home and abroad. Thanks to the making of baskets, the Kambas are less dependent on their agricultural yields and government initiatives. With the proceeds from their baskets, the women support their families, pay for their children's school and pay their medical expenses.

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>> XS 12 cm H x 15 cm DIA €29
>> S 18 cm H x 20 cm DIA €39 - €42
>> M 23 cm H x 25 cm DIA €49 - €55
>> L 35 cm H x 35 cm DIA €79 - €84
>> XL 30 cm H x 40 cm DIA €89
>> XXL 40 cm H x 40 cm DIA €99 


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