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Jemima Basket XL - no. 1

Size Guide
Origin: Ghana

- Each basket is unique
- Perfect as a storage basket or decorative basket
- Fair trade in Ghana
- Handmade from natural materials
- Dimensions = H: 50 cm x W: 60 cm (widest part). 
- Dimensions may vary slightly as each piece is unique and made by hand.

Due to the transport, the basket can be delivered somewhat deformed. 
But this is not a problem! Immerse it in cold water for 1 minute 
and then return it to the desired shape. 
Note: Do not dry in sunlight, as this may cause the colors to fade.

Shipping the Jemima Baskets takes a little longer than our other baskets. 
Keep in mind that it can take 3-5 working days before you have the basket at home.
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Size chart

Kenian baskets (unless otherwise stated on the product page)

Size Height Diameter Price
XS 10 cm 15 cm €29
S 15 cm 20 cm €39
M 20 cm  25 cm €49
L 35 cm 35 cm €79
XL 30 cm 40 cm €89
XXL 40 cm 40 cm €109

Jemima baskets (unless otherwise stated on the product page)

Size    Height     Width     Price
M 30 cm 30 cm €89
L 45 cm 55 cm €129
XL 50 cm  60 cm €139

Traditional fine weave Taita baskets

 Size Diameter Price
XS 11-15 cm €21
S 16-20 cm €35
M 21-25 cm €55
L 26-30 cm  €69