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About me

Mambo baskets - Nathalie Snoeckx

I am Nathalie Snoeckx, founder of Mambo baskets.

In 2017, my husband suggested to start a new adventure and moved to Kenya for his job. I did not hesitate at all and 6 months later we lived in Kenya. There I came into contact with the beautiful Kenyan baskets for the first time. After some research it turned out that baskets weaving is a tradition in Africa, transferred from mother to daughter. Such a beautiful story, I needed to do something with that.

When decorating my first apartment, I often looked for nice baskets, unfortunately without any luck. The only baskets I found where in natural sisal color, which you found in every household.

When I saw the Kenyan baskets I immediately knew I wanted to export them to Europe. I went looking for the source, the producers of the baskets. This led me to some small villages in Kenya where I started to talk to the women themselves. I asked them how the baskets are made and why they sold them. All this resulted in a beautiful story, which I like to share with each basket.

I do not only want to offer nice, characterful baskets, but I also want to tell the story of each basket. After you have received the basket, it is up to you to write the continuation of her story.