Our story

100% natural materials, 100% handmade

Each basket is unique, handmade and has its own story. The baskets are made from sisal, a plant that grows very easily in dry conditions. The fibers of the plant are rolled into threads, with which the baskets can be woven. 100% natural materials and 100% handmade, no machines or polluting industry.
The vessels in which the sisal is colored. Everything is done by hand, no big, dirty machines. All the remains of dye are poured together to make black.

The image above shows the barrels in which the sisal is colored. Everything is completely handmade, no machines or polluting industry. Mainly natural materials are used to color the sisal, such as earth, flowers, ... The remains are all poured together to make black.


With the income from the baskets, the women support their families, cover medical costs and send their children to school. All the more reasons to bring these baskets to the European market and let everyone enjoy these gems. A sustainable way to support the African economy.

These women ensure a perfect finish of the baskets


All our baskets are handmade in Africa. Basket weaving is a tradition in Africa passed down from mother to daughter. Yet the tradition of basket weaving is in danger of being lost. These baskets were mainly made to transport the harvest. Today they use plastic bags for this, because they are cheaper and easier to make. This beautiful craft is in danger of being lost. With Mambo Baskets we want to help maintain this by also selling the beautiful baskets in Europe.

Fair pay

Personal contact with the weavers in Africa is very important to us. I therefore want to guarantee you that the baskets are made with heart and soul and that the makers are paid correctly. We even go a step further. Every year, the makers themselves determine the price they want to receive for the baskets. The weavers can decide for themselves where and when they finish a basket, so that they have time to take care of their family and can support their family with the proceeds of the baskets.
I hope you fall in love with these African baskets as much as we do and want to do your bit to keep this beautiful tradition going.
with love,
Michael & Camille

  • Myself with a group of weavers