A new collection of baskets, the same wonderful stories.

Minimal and Natural

Mambo Baskets is launching a new collection of quality baskets as you are used to. This new collection is inspired by the minimal and natural styles. There are 4 colors in the entire collection: black, beige, white and grey. This allows you to perfectly combine all baskets from this collection.

A novelty in this collection are the beautiful leather handles on the XL and XXL baskets. This gives the baskets a nice look and ensures that you can easily use them as a laundry basket, toy basket, ...

About Mambo Baskets

Beautiful baskets, authentic craftsmanship and a fair wage for the makers. Mambo Baskets was founded in 2017 with these three building blocks. Each of our baskets will immediately catapult you to Africa, to the basket makers in Kenya, Ghana and Malawi. They tell the story of strong people who stand on their own two feet thanks to their craftsmanship.

Baskets that make a difference

A basket from Mambo Baskets not only makes a difference in your interior. You also help the makers in Africa to support their families, send children to school, pay the doctor, ... Each basket tells the fascinating story of the local basket weavers. We are in direct contact with them and thus guarantee that they receive fair compensation for their authentic craftsmanship.

Each region has its own baskets

“Making baskets in response to the persistent drought”

Basket making is an ancient tradition in Africa passed down from mother to daughter. Each region therefore has its own unique way of making baskets. For this they use the materials that can be found in the area. This new collection of baskets was made in Kenya.

The Kenyan baskets are made by women from the Kamba tribe. They are made from sisal or banana leaves. Sisal is a fiber they get from agave plants. This fiber is very flexible, so that the Kenyan baskets are slightly more flexible than those from the other areas.

This story is a great example of what Mambo Baskets stands for. The persistent drought reduced agricultural income. As a result, the people of the Kamba tribe had too little money to support their families. That's how they started growing agaves. These plants need very little water, and the sisal fibers of the plant are ideal for making baskets. With the proceeds from the sale of the baskets, the women manage to support their families, pay for school and medical costs.

With a basket from Mambo Baskets you not only make a difference in your interior. You also help children go to school, pay the doctor, ...

Keeping a wonderful tradition

Yet the tradition of basket weaving is in danger of being lost. These baskets were mainly made to transport the harvest. Today they use plastic bags for this, because they are cheaper and easier to make. This beautiful craft is in danger of being lost. With Mambo Baskets we want to help maintain this by also selling the beautiful baskets in Europe.

Nathalie Snoeckx, fallen for a beautiful African tradition

Nathalie Snoeckx founded Mambo Baskets in 2017. This originally Belgian lady moved to Kenya for her husband's work. There she discovered the beautiful Kenyan baskets and decided to help the makers. After a long search, she came into contact with Jacinta. He taught her all about the art of basket making. This is how Nathalie was able to realize the idea of ​​Mambo Baskets… and you can enjoy the authentic African craftsmanship in their webshop ( ).

The new collection will be available in the webshop from June and in the pop-up the List in Knokke in July, August and September.

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