Belgian webshop brings fair trade handmade baskets with a story.

Do you want to furnish your house or apartment with baskets full of character? Are you tired of having products of which you do not know the origin? To hear over and over again that products for the west are made in appalling conditions?

Mambo Baskets is a new brand with stylish baskets, ideal as a storage basket, plant basket and much more. Mambo basket finds it important that the buyer knows exactly who made the basket and how you improve the life of the maker through your purchase.

Mambo baskets offers beautiful handmade baskets from Kenya and Ghana to the European market. Direct contact with carefully selected weavers in Africa is very important. This way you can be sure that your basket is made with heart and soul and that the makers receive a correct remuneration for this.

How did it start

It all started in 2017, when Nathalie Snoeckx moved to Nairobi, Kenya for her husband's work. There she saw the beautiful Kenyan baskets for the first time. The Kenyans use the baskets for everything! As a handbag (also called kiondo, finished with leather), shopping bag, storage basket, ... She went in search of the source, the producers of the baskets. That brought her to a few small villages in Kenya, where she went to talk to the makers herself. Today these beautiful baskets are for sale through her own webshop .

Enthusiastic weavers

Basket making is a tradition in Africa passed down from mother to daughter. Each region makes baskets in its own style. In the past, these baskets were mainly used to transport the harvest from the field to the home. Due to the persistent drought, it is no longer possible to support the family with the proceeds of their harvest. Hence, they had to look for new sources of income.

So they decided to make baskets in larger quantities and sell them. The Kenyan baskets are made from sisal, a plant that grows very easily in dry conditions. The fibers of the plant are rolled into threads, with which they make the baskets. The Ghanaian baskets are made from palm leaves.

With the proceeds from the baskets, the creators can support their families, pay their medical expenses and send their children to school. A sustainable way to support the African economy.

Mambo baskets wants to bring cosiness into your home and give products meaning again. Not a mass product, but a unique and handmade product with a story. You can buy the baskets via the webshop .

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