Baby changing basket - natural


Our Baby Changing baskets are the best alternative for those boring changing stations.

More importantly, your purchase contributes to a sustainable income in Ghana and reflects the priceless craftsmanship of the Fra Fra people. You get value for your money. You do not buy a basket, you buy a real work of art!
Why you need a Baby changing basket:
  • Every basket is unique
  • Mattress is not included included. You can buy your custom made matress here.
  • Can also be used for decoration
  • Fair trade in Ghana
  • Handmade of 100% natural materials
  • Dimensions (approximately): L: 75 cm x W: 40 cm x H: 15 cm
  • Easy to clean with water
Please note that due to safety reasons, the changing basket must always be placed on a flat surface. Always take the baby out of the basket before you move it. 
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Keniaanse manden (tenzij anders vermeld op de productpagina)

Maat     Hoogte     Diameter     Prijs
XS 10 cm 15 cm €29
S 15 cm 20 cm €39
M 20 cm  25 cm €49
L 35 cm 35 cm €79
XL 30 cm 40 cm €89
XXL 40 cm 40 cm €109


Traditional fine weave Taita baskets

 Maat Diameter Prijs
XS 11-15 cm €21
S 16-20 cm €35
M 21-25 cm €55
L 26-30 cm  €69